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Our reliable partners


Newelements GmbH from Nuremberg is an independent software development, consulting and training company in the field of digital business and IT.

The core topics of Newelements are in the areas of business intelligence, big data, data analytics, cloud, CRM systems and online sales. With their software, the Constellation Suite, the Newelements have developed an interactive real-time tool for customer acquisition 4.0.

Newelements is committed to helping companies move into digital transformation, supporting them and providing them with the advice of their experienced and knowledgeable consultants. The Education Center is an established and profiled training partner for all IT topics.

ForestRim Technology Inc.

TextualETL ™ takes raw text and uses Textual Disambiguation technology to create text ready for entry into a standard database ready for analysis.

FOREST RIM®’s TextualETL™ reads, integrates, and prepares unstructured data that is ready to go into standard technologies such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and NT SQL Server. Once the unstructured data resides in any of those technologies, standard analytical tools such as Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAS, Tableau and other analytical and BI visualization technologies can be used to access, analyze, and present your unstructured data.

These new applications can look at and retrieve textual data and can address and highlight fundamental challenges of the corporation that have previously been unrealized.

Want to know how ForestRim Technology can help your company with big data analysis? Please contact us.


Brainfacture's consultants combine outstanding technological knowledge with business management expertise. Based on adequate as-is analyses, Brainfacture develops innovative, long-term sustainable concepts and accompanies their implementation. Brainfacture supports you selectively or takes over the entire project if desired.

Brainfacture's specialists are experienced software architects and developers and have many years of comprehensive expertise in the development of individual software solutions. The range of services covers the entire software development cycle: starting with the requirements analysis and the conception, to the programming and implementation of the application. Companies support the specialists of Brainfacture as project managers, architects or developers.

Brainfacture's customers are companies from all industries as well as public institutions. Brainfacture supports them with its services in the following areas Infrastructure - Software Development - Big Data - Cloud - Business Intelligence - Web Analytics